If you are still looking for a job that has higher salary, greater security and brighter future; you might have to work harder in order to achieve these particular goals. For instance, you have to work your fingers in order to gain recognition from your employer, hoping for a job promotion. This does not seem to happen due to the recent economic downturn. Therefore, your workload has increased as well as your responsibilities on other work assignments.

You usually like to listen to music in order to reduce stress at your workplace or at home. Then, you can consider starting your own online music store. It is worth trying because you are passionate about music. If you are music enthusiasts and you can talk about it for hours, you can simply write album reviews to evaluate whether this particular album is noteworthy.

Some artistes prefer to distribute their music on the internet via MySpace and YouTube. Indian Artists are already making it big all over the globe, you can use this opportunity to sell their albums in your E-commerce site. The trend of downloading music (in mp3 file format) has increased ever since these social networking sites were introduced during the Web 2.0 era and widely used by internet users.

The invention of Ipod and other mp3 players have created an huge impact on online music stores. It has caused huge demands of music downloads that internet users purchase music albums or tracks from the store based Pay-Per-Download basis. Thus, you can start a membership site that offers discounts for subscribers as a way of creating a demand of your product.

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