Online digital music stores have become a dominant way for independent bands to expose their projects and gain revenue to continue evolving their art. With iTunes established as an industry leader, there are other Web sites, such as Rhapsody and Amazon, trying to be more innovative and using every angle to develop the idea. Cdbaby actually caters to the independent music community and offers several services to up and coming bands.

Cdbaby is a service exclusively for indie bands, unsigned artists and independent record labels. The company is a full service digital distribution company for anyone in the music business for a small fee. Can any indie band, or artist submit their tracks to iTunes? Yes, Apple is essentially a record label, distributor, and retailer all in one.

The indie bands gains commission by becoming a partner, or affiliate with iTunes. A band can receive revenue just for being an affiliate of iTunes. ITunes encourages indie bands and artists to “Add the world’s #1 music download store and best digital jukebox to your marketing mix.”

The convenience of the ability to stay home and go onto an online music store site, instead of going to a local music store is why this option has become a fierce competitor for cd retail stores. The online music stores are also so popular, because they offer music fans the option to listen to a full-length version of a song before they purchase the mp3. The sites also offer various media, such as videos, to consumers who want to see the newest media released.

The marketing tactics utilized by iTunes, such as gift certificates, Web links and widgets also captures the attention of indie bands interested in capturing more fans. Even though iTunes is the world’s #1 music download store and jukebox, there are other sites like Cdbaby who are making their mark with a niche market.

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